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I am an award-winning bilingual investigative journalist and audio producer currently based in New York. My work focuses on immigration, criminal justice, Latin America, and human rights.​ I am currently a Lead Producer for podcasts at The Intercept.

I have received awards and recognition for my investigative work on abuse inside secretive immigration prisons in the U.S. By accessing exclusive documents, audio, and video, I have helped expose the use of solitary confinement and force-feeding, and allegations of physical abuse and sexual assault.

In 2020, my reporting partner John Washington and I were the first journalists to report on allegations of medical misconduct at the Irwin County Detention Center — including claims of non-consensual hysterectomies — after interviewing a whistleblower source for several weeks. The story gained national and international attention, leading to protests, Congressional hearings, and the eventual shuttering of the facility.


My work has been published by The Intercept, Business Insider, NPR, WNYC, and others. I have appeared on NPR, the BBC, Univision, and other outlets to discuss my reporting. And I have presented and taught students at graduate, undergraduate, and high-school levels.

I am originally from Mexico City and am currently based in New York.​ I hold degrees in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Nevada, Reno.


If you want to contact me, please find me on Twitter @jlosc9. You can also email me at:


Soy un periodista de investigación basado en Nueva York. Mi trabajo se enfoca en migración, Latinoamerica, y derechos humanos.

Soy un productor principal para podcasts con The Intercept. Previamente, fui un productor con "The Takeaway," un programa de la radio nacional, transmitido de WNYC.

Mi periodismo se ha publicado en The Intercept, Business Insider, la Radio Pública Nacional, periódicos de USA Today, WNYC, NACLA Report y otros medios.

Soy originario de la Ciudad de México. Tengo licenciaturas en periodismo y sociología de la Universidad de Nevada, Reno.

Si me quiere contactar, me puede encontrar en Twitter: @jlosc9

También me puede mandar un email:

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