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The InterceptDid Mexico's Top Cop Play a Role in the Killing of a DEA Informant?

The Intercept: The Public has Never Seen the U.S. Government Force-Feed Someone — Until Now

The InterceptICE Jail Nurse Sexually Assaulted Migrant Women, Complaint Letter Says

Business Insider: A leaked video exemplifies what Black migrants endure in US detention centers

The Intercept: "He Just Empties You All Out": Whistleblower Reports High Number of Hysterectomies at ICE Detention Facility

"A Silent Pandemic": Nurse At ICE Facility Blows The Whistle On Coronavirus Dangers

Number of Women Alleging Misconduct by ICE Gynecologist Nearly Triples
ICE Medical Misconduct Witness Slated for Deportation is a U.S. Citizen, Says Lawyer

ICE Detention Center Shuttered Following Repeated Allegations of Medical Misconduct

Nothing is Changing": ICE Sends Detainees to Irwin Prison Despite Pledges to Close It

  • A series of stories exposing allegations of medical abuse, misconduct, and negligence at the ICE Irwin County Detention Center.

  • This series was a finalist for the 2021 Festisov International Journalism Awards for Civil Rights reporting.

The Intercept: ICE's Immigration Detainees Protested Lack of Coronavirus Precautions -- And SWAT-Like Private Prison Guards Pepper-Sprayed Them

The Intercept: How Solitary Confinement Kills: Torture and Stunning Neglect End in Suicide at Privately Run ICE Prison

"The Takeaway," WNYC/PRXICE Records: Ill Migrant Continued Working in ICE Custody Until He Was Hospitalized. Three Weeks Later, He Died.

NPRWomen Testify Against Mexican Police For Sexual Torture In International Court

NACLA: Tepoztlán's Highway to Nowhere

USA Today/Reno Gazette-JournalMining company tied to Reno faces scrutiny for Guatemala operations

NPR/NextGenRadioUnderground Abortion: Lack of Access, Cost Spurs Clandestine Operation

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